UPS For Home And Small Business Power Pro 11 Series

Flexible and affordable UPS from 650VA to 1500VA for a wide range of usage from   Point-of-Sales (POS) Machines to Workstation and Peripheral Device and even Home PC’s.

Ideal Application :

Point-of-Sales (POS) Machines,
Small Scale Exchange
Home PC
Peripheral Devices


– Full Automatic voltage regulation (AVR)
– Full protection against overvoltage & undervoltage.
– Surge protection.
– Transfertime <6ms Ensure highly synchronous transfer.
– Wide input range (220V +/-25%)
– Cold start available.
– Strong generator compatibility with many brands.
– No electomagnetic Interference to load with strong electromagnetism
– Self-detection on startup
– Battery replaceable without interruption.
– Software monitoring feature (RS232 & USB).

 Front Panel
1. Ac Normal Indicator (Green)
2. Battery Charging Indicator
3. Back-up Indicator (red)
4. Turn On/Off


 Pro Series Pointstar Rear
1. Output Socket
2. Tel/Modem/ FaX Surge Protection
3. USB
4. AC Input
5. Fuse
6. RS232


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