UPS For IT/Critical Environment Harsh Environtment

Collinson Power Prolong-UPS Series

Single Phase Pure Sine Wave UPS
For Servers, routers, switches, hubs and other network devices.
Super Compact and special layout design enable rack and toee conertible for space saving and rack applicability.
Easy swap battery repllacement. User-friendly design for easier swappable battery replacement allows users to replace batteries simply form the from panel


– True bilateral converter line-interactive UPS.
– Pure sine wave for both linier and non-linier loads.
– Available from 650VA to 10 kVA in tower, 1U rack or 2U Rack/Tower convertible.
– Standard & Long backup time models available.
– Multi interface slots for RS232, SNMP, RS485, Modbus, USB, Dry Contact and customized interface.
– Multi interface slot provide extra communication selectable.
– All communication interfaces can be enabled at the same time.
– Complete protection for overload, overheat, surges, spikes, short circuit, overcharge and fool-proof wiring installation.
– Detachable interactive LCD control panel(optional).
– Remaining real time backup time calculation.
– User-friendly easy swap battery replacement design.
– Built-in powerful charger with input power factor correction.
– emergency power-off (ECO) available.
– Intellegent fan speed control.
-DC start, integrate with Genset

Collinson Power PRO36RT-UPS


Provide energy-effecient power protection for IT infrastructure ranging from in-house server room within an organization to small and medium sized data centres.
Combining double conversion protection with less energy surge, the PRO 36RT-UPS is the ideal UPS for IT and Facility managers who are focused on reducing energy cost ans well as looking for the perfect power protection solutions for the future.

Collinson Power PRO36-UPS

Provide high performance power protection using true online double conversion technology and is one of the best power protection available for critical applications.
With a wide range of specifications, the PRO36-UPS can provide a higher level of availability to various IT equipment. it also offers high reliability in a compact tower design while offering intelegent monitoring and network management fuctions

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