UPS For Outdoor Usage Power Pro PRO17 Series

The PowerPRo PRO17 Series is an outdoor UPS that Provide a simple and cost-effective power solution. with its wide input range and strong environmental adaptability it helps to increase the availability of you outdoor equipment.

Ideal Applications

Outdoor communication equipment, networking equipment, traffic control systems, control and lighting systems, other applications for cities, countryside and even mountainous areas.

Feature of PRO 17 series

-Strong environmental adaptability.
-Automative adaptive frequency.
-Inveter isolation.
-Pure sine wave technology.
-Withstand high temperature and frost conditions.
-Corrosion and water resistant.
-Dust prevention design.
-High reliability.
-Energy Saving.
-Wide Adaptability to power grid.
-Intellegent monitoring.
-Intellegent “not load” shut down.


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