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Google Search Appliance. Find what you need, fast

Unlock your data with the power and relevance of Google Search, customized and secured in an appliance for use inside your business.

Benefits of Google Search for Work

Google Search Appliance combines the search expertise of Google with features that meet today’s business requirements – all in one box.

  • Give your employees powerful tools to search for people, data and documents, from HR to IT and beyond.
  • You can also increase customer satisfaction by equipping support center agents with instant access to known issues and case files.
  • Streamline procurement and get the resources your business needs with easy-to-find purchasing information.
  • Increase traffic by making your public-facing website more relevant, more helpful and easier to navigate.
  • Keep business moving and build better relationships by helping partners find the information they need.

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Google Search Appliance


Empowers your work force

Employees need accurate, relevant information to make smart decisions. The Google Search Appliance helps them quickly find what they need, so they can stay productive.

Increase productivity

Knowledge workers spend a lot of time searching for existing information. Whether it’s company policies, project records or presentations, put essential documents and valuable information in the hands of employees so that they can move fast and innovate.


Wildcard search

If you don’t know the exact spelling or want to search for similar terms at once, type a few letters plus a wildcard character like ? or *. GSA fills in the blanks.


Spellchecker & synonyms

GSA automatically suggests the most common spellings for words. It also automatically expands queries to include synonyms, yielding more relevant results.


Self-learning scorer

GSA adapts to user behavior, learning to deliver better results over time. Links that get more clicks automatically move up in the search ranking.

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