MV Cloud Managed Security Cameras

Cisco Meraki’s MV family of security cameras are exceptionally simple to deploy and configure. Their integration into the Meraki dashboard, ease of deployment, and use of cloud-augmented edge storage, eliminate the cost and complexity required by traditional security camera solutions.

Like all Meraki products, MV cameras provide zero-touch deployment. Using just serial numbers, an administrator can add devices to the Meraki dashboard and begin configuration before the hardware even arrives on site. Cameras can be up and running within minutes of connecting to the network. In the Meraki dashboard, users can easily stream video and create a live video wall for monitoring key areas across multiple locations.

Product Highlights

  • Meraki dashboard simplifies operation
  • Cloud-augmented edge storage eliminates infrastructure
  • Suitable for deployments of all sizes: 1 camera or 1000+
  • Intelligent motion indexing with search engine
  • Easily export and share historical video
  • Secure encrypted control architecture
  • No special software or browser plugins required
  • Granular user access controls

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Why Choose PointStar?

PointStar joined the Cisco Meraki Partner Channel Distribution program in 2012. Since then we have worked with various organizations to implement Meraki products such as Meraki MR WiFi APs, MX Security Appliances, and Meraki MR Ethernet switches to improve companies’ networking infrastructure.

As a Cisco Meraki authorised partner, we have many years of experience in installation and configuration for Cisco Meraki products in an region.

As a Cisco Meraki authorised partner, we can provide everything from product recommendation and design services through to cabling and installation in a variety of environments. Our team are Meraki certified and we will be able to recommend the most suitable products for your network or infrastructure solutions.

Why Work with PointStar?

Expert Deployment
Our team of Cisco Meraki certified experts will be able to assist your company in designing the right solution for your unique business needs

Our Meraki support specialists are well equipped to provide the post-implementation support your organization needs.

Training and Development
Through our comprehensive and thorough training, we ensure your IT team will be able to take full advantage of Meraki’s vast range of features.

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