Our Google Apps Deployment specialists have developed a dependable and meticulous process to migrate your existing email, contacts, and calendars to Google Apps. With our years of experience in the matter, it matters little which legacy platform you have came from, we know how to make the process easy and quick.

Migration Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps

While Microsoft Exchange is a viable service, more and more organizations are now making the jump to a more innovative and agile approach to their email and collaborative needs. With over 10 years combined experience with Microsoft’s legacy platform, our migration professionals have a clear idea of the specific requirements former Exchange users have in order to make the move an efficient one.

Migration Novell Groupwise to Google Apps

Novell Groupwise is a platform that requires thorough planning as well and expertise in order to move to Google Apps with confidence and agility. PointStar has years of experience migrating hundreds of customers off Groupwise. We boast the proficiency with GroupWise post office and e-Directory necessary to ensure a smooth migration.

Migration Lotus to Google Apps

PointStar was the first in Singapore to partner with Google and Google Apps, but before that many in our team were experts at Lotus administrative systems. With their extensive knowledge and experience, our team understands each organization’s specific requirements and deduce the most efficient migration process to fit.

Migration Zimbra to Google Apps

PointStar can ensure your migration from Zimbra to Google will be free of headaches. Leveraging of our years of experience migrating from Zimbra, we understand what is essential to a pleasant move. PointStar will ensure that your mail, address book, and calendar will be waiting for you at Google Apps.

Migration From Other Legacy Email Services

Besides the aforementioned services, we have had experience migrating from virtually any legacy platform to the cloud. We have migrated nearly a thousand organisations, which means tens of thousands of end-users. Our team is well-versed on the essentials of email messaging, and we are confident in our ability to migrate you to Google Apps.

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