While you consider joining the 6 million organizations across the world that have made the jump to the cloud by Going Google, there may be some hesitance on where to start. That is where we come in.

Since 2009, we have assisted nearly a thousand companies throughout the region Go Google, for a total of over 90,000 end-users. Leveraging on our extensive experience, PointStar will employ Google Apps migration, change-management and support best practices to guarantee our customers a hassle-free and rapid transition. From start to finish.

Domain Configurations

Leave the IT headaches to our team
If need be, we will handle all aspects of your migration to Google Apps. Our expert team will create your new mail server and insert your user accounts. We are able to set up dual/split delivery – so that incoming messages will get sent to both your Google Apps accounts and legacy email system as an interim measure while your end-users get familiarized.

Email Aliases and Groups Setup

Maintain a professional image and improve workflow processes with aliases and unlimited groups
Create efficient work flow with Google Groups, enabling your organization to create unlimited distribution lists and forwarding groups, such as [email protected] or [email protected] Each email user is able to set up 30 email aliases as well. Naturally, we can do all that for you.

Google Apps Integration with LDAP

The best of both worlds – integrate your current infrastructure with Google Apps
We understand that the move to the cloud via Google Apps for Business can be a big jump. You may wish to retain some of your existing LDAP infrastructure – such as Active Directory or Lotus Domino. We will engineer Google Apps to sync with it, automatically provisioing users, groups, and non-employee contacts to mirror your existing schema. We will set up the sync of your information, configure the exclusion rules, adjust specific server settings, all to fit your specific requirements.

Email and Data Migrations

Making your move to Google Apps the smoothest it can be, ensuring business continuity.
Across various platforms, we have migrated hundreds of successful migrations to Google Apps, rest assured that your organization’s transition to Google will be free of headaches and seamless. With PointStar, your piece of mind is our priority. More information on the various migration methods can be found here.

Google Apps Post-Implementation and Support

Your partners in the cloud
We want your experience with Google apps to be one thing- the best possible. Our comprehensive and cost-efficient support packages will ensure that there will always be someone there, with special knowledge of your requirements, to assist you when you need it most.

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