Google Apps is known for it’s user friendly experience, though sometimes organizations would like to learn more about how to fully take advantage of all the features Google Apps offers.

PointStar provides our clients with top-tier quality training and deployment services in Google Apps to improve user satisfaction and increase efficiency in your work-environment.

Post-Implementation Training

A range of post-implementation training for Google Apps will minimize user frustrations and maximize workplace proficiency and adoption.
You’ve just Gone Google, what now? It is often the case that some users unfamiliar with Google’s offerings will feel lost or experience some difficulties without any training provided. And if left unattended to, those unfamiliar users will begin to develop negative feelings towards the implementation. As one of the leading Google Apps partners in the Asia Pacific Region, we have the proficiency and prowess necessary to guide your end-users on how to make the most of their new-found productivity suite.

End-User Training

Ensure your users are satisfied and taking full advantage of what Google Apps has to offer
Our team will be able to train your end-users on the basics of Google Apps, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and more! We will also offer more in-depth training – such as how your users can make the most out of collaborating in documents, utilizing Hangouts to communicate, and share calendars events and resources with each other.

Administrator Training

Equipping your IT team with the knowledge they need to successfully administer Google Apps
Our team of Google Deployment specialists will be able to walk your IT team through the entirety of Google Apps’s admin panel, ensuring that in the future your IT team will be well prepared to handle any issues and manage your organization’s Google Apps environment proficiently.
Our team of experts constantly update themselves through various collaboration sessions with our counterparts at Google Enterprise. Between Google and PointStar, business best practices are always being updated into our methodology – meaning that we will be able to impart this knowledge to grant you the very best service your business expects.

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