Simple & Flexible Pricing for G Suite (Formerly Google Apps for Work)

Google has recently rebranded Google for Work to G Suite. G Suite is a set of intelligent apps that offers many great features for businesses while providing the security, data storage and compliance that companies need. One of the benefits of G Suite is that it offers simple and flexible pricing and licensing model.

This simple pricing plan means companies do not have the headache of having to figure out complex licensing costs. Companies and plan their cashflow better with this simplified costs.

The cost structure for G Suite (Google Apps for Work) is also pay-as-you-grow. This is very scalable because you only need to pay for the employees you have now instead of overpaying for spare capacity. You can then add more user licenses when you hire more employees.

G Suite comes with 2 different payment plans.

G Suite (Google Apps for Work)
$60/user annually
$50/user annually
G Suite (Google Apps for Work) includes:
Business email addresses ([email protected])
Video and voice calls
Integrated online calendars
30GB of online storage for file syncing and sharing
Online text documents, spreadsheets and slides
Easy to create project sites
Security and admin controls
24/7 phone and email support
G Suite Business
$120/user annually
Everything in G Suite plus:
Unlimited Storage (or 1TB per user if fewer than 5 users)
Advanced admin controls for Drive
Audit and reporting insights for Drive content and sharing
Google Vault for eDiscovery covering emails, chats, docs and files
Easily search and export to different formats
Archive all emails sent by your company
Set message retention policies
Place and enforce litigation holds on inboxes

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How does G Suite licenses work

The G Suite pricing is based on number of licenses acquired. A user needs a license to start using G Suite, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs and other Google Apps tool. The licenses can be for individual users, or everyone in the company.

Many companies who set up group email addresses will be happy to note that there is no licensing costs for [email protected] email addresses. This represents a great saving as companies can create as many Google Groups as they need.


Why Choose PointStar

As an international cloud service provider, PointStar offers world class, expert consulting support and services to companies and SMEs using G Suite. Since founded in 2008, PointStar has helped many businesses within the South East Asia to migrate to the cloud. With our team of ‘cream of the crop’ experts to guide you from start to finish, you can rest assured that the transition will be smooth and hassle free.

What sets PointStar apart from the other providers are, we work closely with our clients to understand their business processes and deliver our services and support that align with the clients’ business strategies to achieve the best outcome.

PointStar’s G Suite consultants will guide your organization through change management using a set of best practices, and ensure everyone in the company successfully navigate through the change.

To find out more about about G Suite pricing and the various G Suite packages, contact us today or email us at [email protected]

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