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Working with A G Suite Reseller in Singapore to Deploy G Suite (Formerly Google Apps for Work)

Google has recently rebranded Google Apps for Work to G Suite. G Suite is a set of intelligent apps that offers many great features for businesses while providing the security, data storage and compliance that companies need.

PointStar is the trusted Google Cloud Partner, and one of the leading and most established authorised G Suite resellers in Singapore and in Southeast Asia.

PointStar was founded and headquartered in Singapore and has since expanded to Indonesia and Malaysia.

As a consulting company, PointStar has a full-fledged team of consultants to help companies and SMEs in Singapore to implement G Suite.

By using an experienced authorised Google consultant, you can ensure that your projects are done successfully by professionals who are highly experienced and trained in the product.


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Why Use a Google Cloud Consultant?

When you engage PointStar as your Google Cloud consultant, you will be able to receive the following benefits:

  • An experienced partner that knows the ins and outs of the G Suite product to guide you in your migration.
  • Experienced specialists who have in-depth knowledge of legacy systems such as Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Lotus Notes, Zimbra or any other web mail systems
  • Competent trainers who know how to conduct change management activities and training for staff to adapt to the ‘new way’ of working on the cloud.
  • A strong technical support team well-versed in solving G Suite’s products support issues
  • A team that’s certified to implement processes to ensure that you have a smooth changeover from your legacy systems.

PointStar’s G Suite Deployment Methodology?

PointStar has adopted Google’s recommended 3-phase, 90 days implementation methodology for all its deployments.

However, because PointStar has been one of the earliest companies to begin doing G Suite deployments in Singapore and in Asia Pacific, it has accumulated a wealth of experience in doing deployment projects large and small.

As such, it has also customised Google’s deployment methodology in order to meet the needs of Companies in Singapore.

What kind of certifications does PointStar’s team have in G Suite deployment?

PointStar’s highly skilled team of experts are certified in the following areas by Google:

  • G Suite (Google Apps for Work) Deployment Specialist
  • G Suite (Google Apps for Work) Certified Administrator
  • G Suite (Google Apps for Work) Support Specialist
  • G Suite (Google Apps for Work) Sales Engineering Specialist
  • G Suite (Google Apps for Work) Sales Specialists

Our full-fledged team not only has received training from Google experts but also have done numerous field deployments.

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