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Google Map APIs are a visual canvas for customer engagement, business planning, and productivity improvements. Google Maps Application Programming Interface (API) brings transformational location-based services to life. With Google Maps API, you can embed Google Maps on your company’s website and specify a particular point easily. Google offers various maps options from 2 dimensions, satellite, hybrid, terrain, to driving directions. Google Maps API is suitable for all industry sectors and all business sizes ranging from SMEs to large businesses.

Choose the Google Maps API that suits your platform

The Google Maps API provides a seamless user experience across screens, whether you are browsing from the web, your Android phones, or IOS devices. It is designed specifically for a wide choice of platforms, from Android, iOS, Web Browser and through the HTTP web service.


Google Maps are able to improve the accuration of your site’s look by displaying data that can help you find the right potential for your company’s business. In other words, the Google Maps API focuses on the development of your company by monitoring important assets for your business.

Get Local Data Access

You can access hundreds and millions of business databases from Google with a wide selection of interesting points with Google Maps API’s help

Best route for your user

With available sign-in data in 199 countries, it’s easier for your customers to access your business location

Get Full Access

Let your users find out where they are going with the help of Google Street View that has a high level of accuracy



Google Maps API provides many wonderful features and functionality:



45 Degree ImageryThe Google Maps APIs include access to 45 degree imagery in over 120 cities worldwide, offering views of the cityscape from all four sides
Address AutocompletionMake address entry easy for your users. Any text field on your web page can be enhanced with the power of Google Maps Autocomplete, giving you fast, accurate, and easy address entry
AnalyticsGet deeper insight into how your website visitors interact with your maps with Analytics for Google Maps
Business and POI SearchThe Google Maps APIs provide your application with full access to Google’s worldwide database of over 100 million business listings and Points of Interest
DirectionsThe Google Maps APIs deliver the full power of Google’s routing engine to your applications. You can generate routes between up to 23 locations for driving, walking, or cycling. Up to 3 alternate routes are offered, and users can drag routes on the map to make changes. Routes can avoid toll roads or highways, and travel time can be reduced by calculating the optimal order to visit each location
Distance MatricesIf your application needs to quickly determine travel time and distance between many pairs of locations you can use the Distance Matrix service of the Google Maps APIs. For example, if you’re building a location finder and want to offer users a way to filter results by drive time, the Distance Matrix service is a quick and easy way to evaluate which nearby locations to include
Predictive Travel TimeGoogle Maps APIs provides predictive travel time based on historical time of day and day of week data.
Routing in TrafficGoogle Maps APIs gives you the best route based on the current traffic
Drawing ToolsThe Google Maps APIs include ready-to-go drawing tools that enable your users to select areas, drop markers, draw and edit shapes
Elevation ProfilesThe Google Maps APIs can deliver elevation profiles along any path, be it along a route or across a continent. It even returns depths underwater
Enterprise SupportYour mapping application could be crucial to your business so the Google Maps APIs ensure peace of mind by including 24 hour technical support and a service level agreement
Forward and Reverse GeocodingThe Google Maps APIs deliver Google’s global address database to your application, enabling you to search for locations on the map based on an address, or find the address for a given location, anywhere in the world
Global Satellite ImageryThe global catalog of high resolution aerial imagery offered by Google Earth is also available in the Google Maps APIs. You can switch any map to satellite view using the optional labels. The highest level of detail at a given location can be automatically determined, allowing you to show your users the best image possible
KML RenderingIf you already store and manage geospatial data in KML or GeoRSS format you can add that to your Maps API application with just a few lines of code
Rapid Updates from MapMakerIf you spot an error on the map, you can fix it using Google MapMaker, and see the change reflected in your Google Maps APIs application within minutes
Real Time TrafficMajor streets can be color coded to reflect the current volume of traffic in real time
Rock Solid ReliabilityThe Google Maps APIs offer proven reliability, with 100% uptime measured in a recent independent evaluation of API availability
Static MapsThe Static Maps API can generate an image of a map with support for pins, lines, shapes and styling
Street ViewThe Google Maps APIs allow you to embed Street View panoramas into your application. You can control the direction the panorama faces, respond to changes in the view triggered by your users, and add interactive elements such as markers, popup windows, or even your own panoramic images
Styled MapsThe Google Maps look and feel is familiar and trusted around the world, but if you need something a little different, the Google Maps APIs let you tailor the style of the map to your needs. You can simplify the map to draw more attention to your data, or restyle the map to fit in with the rest of your application
Support for Different DevicesThe Google Maps APIs ensure that your maps will work on major web browsers and mobile devices. High resolution screens are detected and the map is automatically adjusted to ensure that it remains perfectly crisp and clear



The Google Maps API comes with a predictable price of excess usage and usage limits for APIs as well as annual contracts for implementation in the company.

Here are the premium benefits you can get from Google Maps API:

  • Licenses for internal and external implementation, OEM, and asset tracking
  • An annual contract with the company’s terms
  • 24 hour technical support
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Guaranteed ad-free and API-enhanced features

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