Lotus Notes to G Suite Migration

Lotus Notes to G Suite (Google Apps) Migration

Looking to migrate from Lotus Notes to G Suite (formerly Google Apps)? Do you know the process of Lotus Notes to G Suite Migration? PointStar, as a Google Cloud partner makes it easy for companies who wish to move from the legacy IBM Lotus Notes/Domino platform to a cloud-based solution.

Companies wishing to migrate from systems such as IBM Lotus Notes/Domino will find that with the tools that PointStar is using, will make the entire process of data migration very quick and painless.

Our team of technical experts helps transfer all your valuable data with ease and simplicity and comes guaranteed with a simple transition process with no down time. Users can continue to use Lotus Notes even during the migration process.

What is PointStar’s G Suite (Google Apps) Deployment Methodology?

PointStar has adopted Google’s recommended 3-phase, 90 days implementation methodology for all its deployments.

However, because PointStar has been one of the earliest companies to begin doing Google Apps deployment in Singapore and in Asia Pacific, it has accumulated a wealth of experience in doing deployment projects large and small. Our full-fledged team not only has received training from Google experts but also have done numerous Lotus Notes to Google Apps migration.

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As such, it has also customised Google’s deployment methodology in order to meet the needs of Companies in Singapore.

Lotus Notes to G Suite Migration

What kind of certifications does PointStar’s team have in G Suite (Google Apps) deployment?

PointStar’s highly skilled team of experts are certified in the following areas by Google:

  • G Suite (Google Apps for Work) Deployment Specialist
  • G Suite (Google Apps for Work) Certified Administrator
  • G Suite (Google Apps for Work) Support Specialist
  • G Suite (Google Apps for Work) Sales Engineering Specialist
  • G Suite (Google Apps for Work) Sales Specialists

Please feel free to contact our Google Cloud consultants if you have further questions on Lotus Notes to G Suite Migration.

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