NetSuite Promo “UpMySkill” Training Package

NetSuite Promo! Enjoy a 10% off training package for your employees. Promotion valid till 29 Dec 2017!
NetSuite promo

Are you seeking an increase in productivity? Or faced with new hires, new functionality, and/or new processes? Are you planning to roll out NetSuite to new subsidiaries, locations, or departments?

With the NetSuite“UpMySkill” training modular, customizable training options, getting your teams trained and on the path to greater productivity with NetSuite has never been easier. It is important for your employees to adapt to the system to ensure maximum results, so equip your employees with the skills they need to succeed. Just choose your topics, delivery method and job aid preference, and let us deliver the expertise!

Why Choose PointStar

PointStar is a partner and certified ERP Consultant for NetSuite. PointStar has many years of experience in implementing and consulting ERP applications for different industries. Each engagement is professional from beginning to end, and we have a true passion for improving your business.

Meet the faces behind PointStar’s NetSuite solutions. Let our NetSuite experts educate your Sales, Support, Accounting, Marketing, and Operations teams. Sign up today and learn from the very best ERP experts!

Take advantage of the Productivity and Innovation Credit (“PIC”) Scheme!

The Productivity and Innovation Credit (“PIC”) Scheme was introduced in Budget 2010 to encourage businesses in Singapore to invest in productivity and innovation, especially on costs incurring in the provision of training to employees for the purposes of trade and business. The scheme was extended in Budget 2014 and will expire FY2017.

Read more about Singapore’s Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme 

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