Cisco Meraki MR Wireless Access Points

Meraki’s Wireless Lan delivers an efficient, flexible and powerful tool for 100% cloud managed deployments. Engineered to give high speed, improved coverage and greater capacity, the Wireless LAN delivers that internet speed every business owners demand. Equipped with the highest grade components and designed until the last detail, PointStar has a successful count of helping our clients set up their connections, so they can get busy with work in no time.

Over the years, Meraki in collaboration with PointStar has redefined and completely changed the game of networking, diagnostics, internet connections. Reducing costs, complexity and risk for tens and thousands of customers across Asia, from Singapore, Indonesia to India.

With many organizations wanting to change their course of business and wanting to move from old, traditional systems and into the modern age, we’ve brought to you only the best computing paraphernalia available today.

Our collaboration has a proven track record of being:

  • Unmatched Capacity: CISCO Meraki’s grade A technology has been carefully optimized and meticulously engineered. The result: Faster, more capacity, improved coverage and less time on the support hotline.
  • Visibility: The dashboard gives you a full-scale interface with all the details, armed with a wealth of analytics.  Administrators can enforce their regulations and policies effectively with the dashboard.
  • Entire Network: Management via the cloud has become a simple task thanks to Meraki’s WAN system. The machines support; WAN, Wireless LAN and mobile device management, using a centralized power.
  • Simplicity: Keeping everything simple ensures that our clients understand the products over time, just as well as the teams at PointStar and Meraki do. One of our objectives, in partner with Meraki, is to deliver optimum results with ease.

As valued partners, PointStar and Meraki hopes to enhance the user experience using groundbreaking technology that is simply future proof:

Indoor Access

  • MR18
  • MR26
  • MR32
  • MR34


  • MR 66
  • MR72

License and Accessories

  • Enterprise License
  • Antennas and Power

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