Cisco Meraki MX Security Appliances

Deploy the most advanced security systems in minutes with the Meraki MX and its growing menagerie. Synchronize files through thousands of sites using templates, securely connect and customize to suit your liking.  Every Meraki Security appliance supports a number of features, such as firewalls and intrusion prevention (IPS) to ensure an impenetrable network. As a Partner of CISCO, PointStar is dedicated to giving you the best deployment as well as the support you’ll need.

The Meraki MX product line combines the power of simplicity and sophistication to create a powerful, impenetrable security system. The challenging issue of security has baffled many experts in the past and business owners alike. To respond to this, Meraki, in collaboration with PointStar has brought forth the MX stack of network security.

With the internet becoming faster, day by day, through years of listening to customer input and continuous improvement, we have been able to release the next trendsetter. Delivering the best in-house performance and enabling irrepressible bandwidth connection on demand, the machines are ready for today’s rapid growing internet.

  • Fast: Synchronicity, remotely accessed and securely connect can only mean one thing: Effective. Not only is it safe, but the high performing technology means that you’ll be doing everything with speed and more time on your side.
  • Secure: The Meraki MX product line comes equipped with a full set of security features, including; Next-gen firewalls, self healing VPN, Anti-malware/anti-phishing, content filtering and an array of other future-proof security features.
  • Centralized Management: We aim to simplify day-to-day computing life with ease, so you can get busy with work. The Meraki dashboard gives you full access to your network systems at your fingertips.
  • Intelligent WAN: Better known as the IWAN, this state of the art addition to our arsenal of technology performs one function; to reduce costs. Allowing multiple deployment and giving network admins the power to use the available bandwidth means progress.

As a dedicated partner of Meraki, PointStar has a record of successful deployments, set up, training and support for organizations looking to leverage their security to trusted experts and specialists. Along with its capabilities, here’s a sneak of what’s to come:

Small Branch:

  • MX64
  • MX64W

Medium Branch:

  • MX84
  • MX100

Large Branch/Campus Concentrator

  • MX400
  • MX600

Teleworker and Accessories

  • Z1
  • Accessories

Multi-Site Cloud Management

MX is managed entirely through the Cisco Meraki web-based dashboard

The innovative Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking architecture enables rapid and simple branch deployments and provides your the IT team centralized visibility and control over any number of disparate locations. MX security appliances automatically mirror their counterparts – pulling configurations and settings from the cloud – enabling deployments to branches without necessitating on-site IT.

The Meraki cloud delivers constant firmware and security signature updates, automatically creates site-to-site VPN tunnels, and boasts automated network monitoring and alerts. Configuration and diagnostics can be performed without any personnel on-site, curbing costly IT field visits.

Auto Site-to-site VPN

Connection of branches in a matter of seconds with complete security.

The MX security appliance has the unique ability to automatically provision site-to-site VPN. Utilizing IPsec over a wide area network, the MX will connect your branch offices to headquarters and each other as if they were connected with a virtual Ethernet cable. Site-to-site VPN can be created with just one click within your Cisco Meraki dashboard. Rid yourself of the numerous IT headaches related to traditional site-to-site VPNs: route discovery, key negotiation, authentication, security policies, crypto maps, and access lists will all handled automatically from the cloud – freeing your IT team’s bandwidth to pursue more worthwhile projects. Configure both full and split tunnel VPN with agility and ease. New sites can be added with a few clicks. Meraki offers simplicity, without sacrificing on flexibility of uses.

Application-Aware Firewall

Protect your network with the best

The MX comes equipped with application-aware stateful firewall – securing your network from malicious applications menacing your networks. In this day and age it is no longer adequate to simply block protocols, hosts, and ports. It is now necessary for firewalls to be mindful of user, content, and applications. The MX uses an integrated Snort-based intrusion prevention system (IPS) featuring signature, protocol, and anomaly-based inspection and threat containment. Use custom firewall rules to secure your network, allowing only approved, essential services and connections. Easily segregate voice, video, and data traffic, and deploy global firewall rules across VPN networks with a single click.

Control Applications, Users, and Devices

Extensive visibility and control over users, content, and applications.

The MX was specifically built for modern, multi-use networks. Far from a basic host- and port-based solutions, the MX’s Layer 7 fingerprinting identifies even the most evasive and encrypted applications, even P2P. Block undesirable web traffic with CIPA-compliant content filtering, set bandwidth limits for applications such as YouTube and BitTorrent, and even give priority to productivity applications essential for your company. The MX also offers detailed information on your users on the network, identifying clients by device type (e.g., iPads) and username. Inspect, throttle, or block users. The MX even has the ability to integrate with Active Directory to apply different policies to a subset of users.

WAN Optimization

Integrated web caching dramatically accelerates browsing for users watching videos or using online apps.

Reduce inter-site application bandwidth up to 99% and accelerates CIFS, FTP, HTTP, and TCP traffic by up to 209x with the power of the MX. Boasts a cutting-edge WAN optimization engine that uses advanced algorithms, deduplication, compression, and hard-disk based caching to make the WAN feel like a LAN. Built-in WAN optimization assists in server consolidation as well as private cloud projects, including any distributed network where end-user bandwidth costs or performance are a priority.

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