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On-premise system reside on a dedicated server maintained by an organization’s IT department. This provides additional control and validation but requires hardware to set up and a dedicated IT department to manage everything.

Leading on-premise IP-PBX providers include Asterisk, 3CX, FreeSwitch, Trixbox, Elastix and Starface. Yealink’s comprehensive IP phone solutions offer extensive compatibility with more than 60 IP-PBX providers. Advantages and benefits include:

● SIP standards-based Yealink IP phones register effortlessly with IP PBX servers, allowing extension-to-extension dialing, multimedia calls (voice and video) and other functions.
● Yealink IP phones support PBX functions and bring advance functions into full play, including BLA/BLF, Intercom/Paging, Call Park, Call Pickup, Call Return and more.
● Yealink IP phones feature plug-and-play deployment. Simply by selecting Yealink’s IP phone model in IP-PBX system, auto provisioning (mass deployment) of IP Phones can be achieved, saving considerable time and human resources.
● With the open XML API, Yealink allows for the in-depth customization of the functions and interface of IP phones.

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By Environment

Yealink offers a wide range of UC terminals for any business user, from executives to receptionists. A wide selection of IP phones includes videophones, business desktop IP phones and wireless DECT phones, meeting the communication needs of businesses of any size and budget.

By Ecosystem

Yealink products provide excellent compatibility and interoperability with worldwide leading on-premise IP-PBX systems, hosted telephony systems, IP contact center systems and UC platforms. By working seamlessly with our partners, we are able to provide reliable integrated solutions with added value for our customers.

Video Colloboration

Yealink’s full-HD video conferencing system VC Series allows business users to enjoy multi-point video collaboration across various network environments and on multiple devices with its extensive compatibility and flexible interoperability.

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