The emergence of Internet has prompted such a significant shift in how businesses operate. Cloud computing, which runs on the Internet, changes the way customers interact with their data and applications by allowing them to be stored in a remote host that can be accessed anytime— from any location— using the Internet and a simple web browser.

With the rapid growth of the cloud computing market, the hype around it has transformed into reality. Many organizations and professionals are looking for solutions to build cloud competencies to properly manage, utilize and govern this new technology.

While adopting cloud solutions allows more flexibility and productivity for your business, it is also important for your employees to adapt to the new system to ensure maximum results. Otherwise, resistance towards the implementation can grow and become a liability. To anticipate this, PointStar offers robust cloud training programs to familiarize your employees with cloud-managed IT solutions and manage the transition. Our team at PointStar has the training expertise to ensure that your end-users are able to use and leverage the solution.

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